Patron In Chief

Dr. Seemin Jamali, TI

Dear friend and colleagues,

It’s indeed a great honor and privilege for me to welcome you to the 54th Annual Medical Symposium, 2019, scheduled to be held in Karachi, from 18th to 21st September.

This year we tend to bring a change in public sector of health by providing better quality service, care and solutions to many problems. In our country health has always been a neglected sector. Public hospitals suffer from lack of specialized doctors, technicalities and many other facilities. With every year, this year Jinnah Postgraduate Symposiums tends to resolve every factor that causes hurdles in public sector and oversee all the problems that has been neglected over the years.

This symposium, I hope will bring greater change in the public sector. Now is the high time that we focus on the growth and provide better care facilities to citizens of Pakistan.

I am overwhelmed when I look back at many symposiums organized by Jinnah Postgraduates for the betterment of the people in Pakistan.

I congratulate the entire organizing committee for bringing such concept to light and hosting a successful event.


Prof. Shahid Rasul

Dear friends,

I am honored and privileged to chair this impressive academic symposium of the year- 54th Annual Medical Symposium, 2019.

Jinnah Postgraduate Symposium has gained reputation as one of largest symposium in Karachi, by offering attendees a platform to learn, excel, share and to discuss their needs, solutions and better-quality services to people in Pakistan.

With every passing year Jinnah Postgraduate Symposium has advanced into a bigger and better event, and it is the aim of the association and the organizers to take it to even greater heights.

After great research and thought process, the theme to provide better care came into light. This symposium will give greater platform to discuss every possibility to improve and provide quality care to people in Pakistan. We have organized pre symposium workshops, scientific symposiums, speaker sessions, poster presentations, CME credit hours and an exhibition where many pharmaceuticals will promote quality product for better care of patients. This extended agenda will lead to many possibilities and a better change, Inshallah.

I look forward to welcoming you all in Karachi, and I hope JPMC will meet your expectations.


Dr. Surrendar Dawani

On behalf of the entire team of the Jinnah Postgraduate symposium - JPMC; I take this opportunity to thank all healthcare and allied service professionals for joining us this year in the 54th Annual Symposiums of the JPMC 2019.

Our utmost priority through this event is to enhance the health sector in the Karachi, through strengthening the concept of quality care among society and educating the community on common medical emergencies and areas that require comprehensive care.

We strive to bring you the best knowledge and expertise from different parts of the world, while presenting new and innovative topics.

JPMC proves to be a perfect platform for health care and presents a unique opportunity for practitioners and professionals from all over Pakistan, to interact with each other, share advancements and common concerns of their profession.

I wish you all a very successful event.

23rd to 27th, 2019

Karachi, Pakistan

Scientific Program

Speakers Invited


Patron In Chief

Dr. Seemin Jamali, TI


Prof. Shahid Rasul


Dr. Surrendar Dawani

Scientific Committee

Prof. Kausar Amir
Dr. Rakshanda Jabeen
Dr. Zahid Mehmood

Registration Committee & Coordination

Mr. Zaigham Ali
Mr. Nasimuddin
Mr. Saif Ali

Finance Committee

Prof. Shahid Rasul
Mr. Rana Maher Din

Workshop + Exhibition Committee

Dr. Sanam Ali
Dr. Nausheen Rauf

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